Dr Nhlapo covers a range of fractures, breaks and injuries to ligaments, cartilage and tendons that are the result of sports-related injuries. Both adults and children are injured during contact sports like rugby and hockey and non-contact sports like volleyball, cricket, tennis and golf – no matter what level they compete at.

Often sports injuries are complex as they involve injuries to various musculoskeletal structures in one incident. From torn ligaments and tendons to fractures and open wounds, sports injuries may require extensive non-surgical treatment, rehabilitation, surgical repair and reconstruction and in some cases, total joint replacement (knee or hip).

With Dr Nhlapo's particular interest in the treatment of complex hip, knee and ankle injuries, he has the extensive skill and knowledge to treat sports-related injuries and rehabilitate athletes so that they can return to optimum physical performance despite the injury.


From ligament and tendon repair to debridement and in cases, total joint replacements, Dr Nhlapo is a specialist orthopaedic surgeon with a keen interest in sports injuries of the hip, knee and ankle. Treatment of Achilles tendon injuries, ankle sprains, ligament and tendons tears, cartilage injuries, stress fractures, hip and pelvic fractures, patellofemoral instability, dislocations, Jumper's knee, ACL injuries, meniscus injuries and other overuse injuries.

With his focus on enhancing the recovery of his patients with as little restraints to their future as possible, Dr Nhlapo aims to allow his patients to return to their sport strong and healthy.